Fava; A Mediterranean Paradise you MUST visit

Fava – actually is a scientific name for a bean; yes I’m myself quite surprised. I was hunting to go for a different continental, mediterranean cuisine and thank’s to Zomato, I discovered this restaurant located prominently in UB City.  See when you are in college and have absolutely no money, you find these places pretentious; but now just the joy of tasting these fabulously made flavours definitely takes you to another level. It makes me think like a food critic and I am able to distinguish between each dish which is amazing.


Stepping into this beautiful, slightly open rooftop cafe; I was left spell-bound by aesthetically done colourful interiors. The place is airy, with a mix of both high-chairs and low tables, wooden brown seats, yellow lighting and gorgeous blue chairs. The mix of these ideas and colours definitely raises your expectations and appetite. Of course, Fava has an equally high rating on Zomato.





I had done my research and ordered the right dishes. We started with a Father Micheal’s Valombrossa burrata, which is nothing but a semi-soft white Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream. I can’t decipher how irresistible the dish looked. Dressed with a rich purple colour, crumbs and lettuce it was beyond fascinating. The flavour was also smooth, tasting a lot like hummus and for sure not too much for my tastebuds.

I was very confused what to order for my main course, since I was starving, I chose to order a safe dish, Duet Gnocchi, a mix of pesto & herbs- I must admit it was the most delicious gnocchi I have EVER eaten. It was just not an overwhelming taste of cheese in your mouth, but mixed with these sautéed potatoes that was cooked with a spicy herby + barbecue sauce. So there was a mix of white and red on my plate; and boy I was happy!



We also ordered a Pomegranate Chicken; and for drinks the Miami Long-Island Iced Tea and Mango Margarita with vodka. The iced-tea was a little too sour for me, but the margarita was SUPER perfect. They even incorporated vodka for me, when the actual menu at tequila.




For dessert, we received a complimentary chocolate cheesecake which was decorated with tiny plums and cherry. The taste of the bitter chocolate cake mixed with sour fruits was magical and even though I was very full, I could not stop eating it.


The service also was fantastic, with the manager coming to check on us, and the servers suggesting the best dishes

This was the first time I actually ended up finishing all my food, literally licking the plate and I was so happy. Now with the GST, we were not charged much tax and the bill came about Rs.2900 which I thought was decent for the quality of the food. Luxury fine dining is an experience you should cherish.


203, 2nd Floor, UB City, 24 Vittal Mallya Road, Lavelle Road, Bangalore


Food: 4.5/5

Service: 5/5

Ambience: 4/5

Love, Mansi x




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