I Didn’t Wear Jeans for 4 Weeks & *SURVIVED*

Before all the Jeans ‘lovers’ start hurling me with abuses, hear me out.

Ever since I was a child, and started enjoying the fun and frolic parts of fashion, I never EVER liked denim jeans. I used to cringe at the thought of wearing them; just the feeling of them clinging to me, in India’s unpredictable and summery weather was a nightmare. But why?

  1. Hot – too sweaty and itchy.

2. Rains – much worse! Heaviness, uncomfortness and infinite things

It was one day when I randomly decided to myself (after noticing that I did not wear jeans for almost 5 days), if I could go without jeans for a much longer time; and yes I SURVIVED. The happiness is unexplainable.

My wardrobe is an array of what you find in every 20’s girls’ wardrobe. Lot’s of colours, scarves, chunky neck-pieces and most important staple trousers that are literally my lifeline.

Almost six months ago I bought these H&M pants at a sale. I wore them every alternate day. Sometimes with a shirt tucked in for a formal look; sometimes with a cropped t-shirt and sneakers; or even at ridiculous times when I sneaked out of home for my waffle midnight snack! I loved them so much that I started sleeping in them; and hence that was the end of it. Now they’re my beloved pyjamas and I occasionally wear them for my Yoga & Pilates classes.

Coming to my point, if jeans makes you uncomfortable, you don’t need to wear them all the time. I’m not saying replace them; I’m simply suggesting you take my recommendation and try adding these traditional (yet modern) fashion apparels to give your wardrobe the much required breathing space; and NO I’m not going to ask you to wear leggings. Let’s be a little creative shall we?

Here is a Fashion 101 on how to survive without Jeans:

  1. Almost Denim: I personally love the denim fabric; maybe being a little more creative? My first staple were these cropped denim trousers accompanied with an adjustable bow. You can pair them with quirky graphic tees and sneakers for a day look; or jazz it up with a fitted crop top and sequined jacket for other extravagant occasions.

      Price: Rs 1,495. Buy it here.



2. Modern Tradition:  I absolutely love the fusion that Indo-Western clothing has revamped this era of being fashionable, but in your comfort zone. With tassels and pom-poms; make these smashing coral dhoti pants your #OOTD. No, it won’t look necessarily look good only with a kurta, but also a beige top or a straight fit black shirt? You can also add gladiators for a unique look.

Price: Rs 1,925. Buy it here.


3. Patchwork; Love in a Cloth: I’m personally a lover of patchworks. They’re extremely adorable and oh-my-god trendy. Ruling fashion charts everywhere, retail giants like Zara, Mango, Westside, Chemistry are all stocking them up! Try this really cute blue gingham patch-work skirt. Styling them is a piece of cake. A contrasting pink top and matching pink lips?

Price: Rs 891. Buy it here.


4. Monochrome is Magic: Yes, we’ve all heard numerous times about the importance of monochrome colours, but it is true as it’s an essential. A white t-shirt, denim jacket? Or your nightdress t-shirt (been there, done that and pulled it off like a boss!) I just got these joggers at Myntra’s EORS for just Rs.585 and what a steal it was. I’m literally living in them!

Price: Rs 891. Buy it here.


5. Floral Shorts FTW: Revamp your summers! Add a combination of soothing colours to your wardrobe for breaking the monotony. Cool blue, mixed with a peachy hue; I’m already dreaming of a beach! A cold shoulder top, or an off-shoulder ruffled shirt and we’re good to go! Loving this look the most. Feels like a weekend getaway, doesn’t it?

Price: Rs 794. Buy it here.


6. Work is MOST important: Lastly, if you work 5 days like me, it’s crucial to have well-fitted trousers in your wardrobe. There are days when you have to be formal, and these black pants with ruffled ends work the best. Goes with any formal shirt; polka dots, stripes, checks and even fancy blouses.

Price: Rs 777. Buy it here.


I still continue to wear denims sporadically, like maybe once a week; I cannot handle it more than that! What about you? Did you enjoy these looks? I also discovered some new, upcoming fashion e-commerce stores for you to binge on. Have a great week ahead all of you!

Love, M xx

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