A Toronto Photo Diary – Shot On #Iphone6S


Toronto, a city that is synonymous with art, culture, food and so many things, is a little hard to explain. My time spent there (almost 16 full days) made me fall in love with the people, the quietness and peace that the city brought about, the lively artsy streets and the overwhelming, delicious food.

Each day was new; it was an exploration of different cultures (note, China Town) an array of unique cuisines (I LOVE THAI FOOD NOW), the people; (LinkedIn Canada actually welcomed me; and the people were nice enough to show me around the office). The hot chocolate is pretty delicious here; and well the shopping can make me pack my bags there and move immediately.

Here is Toronto (Part 1), from my eyes to yours; an amalgamation of culture, colour and cuisines; all shot on the IPhone 6S.



Wait for Part 2 soon! The best places to check out, shop and eat at! 🙂

Love, M



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