A breath-taking weekend getaway to the Vineyards near Bangalore

Why do we need weekend getaways? Let me help you with understanding all the positives of it.

Bangalore, a city that is synonymous with the bustling lanes of Koramangala; the chitter-chatter of the beautifully designed chai cafes on Brigade road and of course the hip night-life of Indiranagar. Still bored? Yes I was!

I have come to realize by the time you reach your late 20’s, your life is so much more than a flute of champagne or gorging on different varieties of Asian cuisine. (Which is how my social life can be defined currently) Being a person who enjoy’s living in the moment, the exhilaration of travelling to a new city or country; experiences win over night-outs and house parties for me at any given point of time. But yes, this also comes with forever trying to make ends meet, month on month (life of every salaried employee ever!) Google helped me discover the best weekend getaways near Bangalore as I sat through the research process.

I finally decided that my next weekend would be spent at the beautiful Heritage Winery nestled near Chanapatna, Ramnagara which is an approximate 80 kms from Bangalore! Let me break down the whole process of planning this trip:

=I booked my tickets from Thrillophila at an extremely affordable price. You can choose packages: just wine tasting, grape stomping, lunch or a complete mix of both. Tickets start from Rs.250 and go up to Rs.850. I suggest you try all of them! Buy them here. 

=For my travel I booked an Ola Outstation. I stay in Indiranagar; so back and forth till the Heritage Winery it took me about Rs.2037 in an Ola Play. (Yes I listened to a lot of music and also watched a couple of videos!) The driver waited there for us about three hours and bought us back home. PS: I had a fantastic experience with Ola. The driver was absolutely punctual; outside my house 30 minutes before departure and was very safe. #notsponsored

Now coming to the trip, let me help you with the activities that you can do here:

  1. Wine education: The trip began with an insight into the world of wine-making. There is the process of acquiring the freshest of the grapes and recycling it in the machines to make fabulous, delicious wines.
  2. The Wine tasting experience: Next we were taken into this glass cabin that was closed from all corners and had an aroma of the sultry wines. The lady who took us through the whole tasting experience was trained at the Sula Vineyards in Nasik and was a bundle of knowledge. We tried five types of wine – two red, two white and one dessert wine. We also learnt the four S’s of drinking wine- See, Sniff, Swirl & Sip! The entire activity was amazing but my personal favorite turned out to be the delectable dessert wine. IMG_20171125_131651
  3. Grape-Stomping & Fun: The organizers had laid out two huge brass buckets which were filled with juicy purple grapes. The sight of these were beyond delightful and definitely Instagram worthy. I was so excited that I was literally the first adult to put my feet into the squishy grapes with a bunch of children. They played some peppy music and the whole activity turned out to be jumpy and fun! IMG_20171125_133724


4. Lunch: We were obviously a bit exhausted with all the walking and running around. For lunch we were served simple, home food coupled with unlimited Rosé wine. Pink, light and flavourful beyond words. This is a must try and a must buy.

5. The Vineyard Shopping Experience: Lastly, we made our way to purchasing some wine bottles for ourselves. The prices were cut-down and we chose an array of aromatic wines. Rosé and dessert wines were my first choice! I also picked up the grape oil which is an alternative to the olive oil and can be used while cooking, on the skin and even on the hair.


All and all, this trip to the Heritage Winery near Bangalore was not heavy on the pocket, and it was 4 hours of pure unadulterated experience. I would not mind visiting again, but then such memories are only meant to be made once 🙂


Do you think this article helped you? It did make coming back to the city so much more better and loving! ❤

More stuff coming soon!

Love, M.

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