Snow Sojourn In Toronto: A Photo Diary

I know it may sound a bit shocking considering I am 25 years old and still had not seen snow ever. Yes I’m part of that group. While growing up, my parents were never too fond of travelling and I didn’t get a chance to step outside South India (forget an international trip!). Unfortunately my bucket-list is SO long now; it’s not just places abroad, but also India. But I thought, let’s take it a baby-step at a time.

I visited Toronto in summers and it was all summery and beautiful; with the clear blue sky and flowers and the hapenning city side. You can read both my old blog posts here & here. But this time it was all different! I went in frozen temperatures and finally checked off one of the things on my bucket-list. There was not much actually snowfall as the weather was just around +1 to about -9. (which was still very cold)

Anyhow, the trip could not be complete without some actual proof – the pictures! Unfortunately I could not layer much as I was there for about a week & did not see the need to invest in the clothes. But it was an experience & trip of a lifetime.

Hope these pictures do justice to that! All the pictures are taken by my sister on her iPhone 8 🙂 ❤

Show some love you all! ❤




IMG_0665 4IMG_9158IMG_8547IMG_8543IMG_5580IMG_8970


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