How to Style a Kurti as a Dress

“I have a huge wardrobe, but nothing really to wear” – yes that’s a story of every girl, including mine. Sometimes I get so frustrated because my bed is full of clothes and nothing seems appropriate to wear to work or for a lunch date. But then of course pops in a limit to how much we can spend (hello credit card bills!) and hence the answer here is re-wear & re-use old clothes! All my clothes are on a budget and hence this idea!

I was always fascinated with beautiful ethnic wear and was constantly figuring this out- How to style a kurti as a dress? Is it possible? Would it look weird? But no there is a way to pull it off beautifully, hitting the absolute right ‘fashion’ bulls eye! (I consider myself a budget blogger and read my tips to save so much money!)

This kurti has been in my wardrobe for years; it used to be extremely loose but now fits me well (thanks to all the weight I have gained :P). I thought of why not adding a monochrome chunky belt to it. But the outfit still did not feel complete; and hence came in the black jacket worn as a cape; I did want to pair it with a leather jacket – but I wanted to make the outfit more casual, everyday compared to something you would never wear in the summers! Can you imagine stepping out in the hot sun wearing a thick leather jacket? NO ways!


My make-up also is very minimal, except I just cannot do without a shiny red lipstick & that’s what is my most essential makeup product in recent times; even when styling a kurti as a dress.



If you have any kurti in your wardrobe and looking for some everyday styling, this is what you must do! It is not only simple, but the outfit looks absolutely gorgeous during the day. You can also replace the heels with comfortable black flats!


Hence, my version of How to style a kurti as a dress is this!

Breaking down the look for you to maybe copy later?


If you want to try this look, buy it here!

Pink kurta:

Black cape jacket:

Black flats:

Chunky belt:

Hope you loved reading this, as much as I loved shooting it. It has been so long; but the whole conceptualizing and styling was so refreshing for me! Hopefully you will get to see a lot more posts in the future months 🙂

Love, M ❤

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