The Pants Fashion Bloggers Have Been Ditching Their Jeans For

Denims, denims, denims; they are everywhere. It goes with everything; we need it with every outfit! But there is something about these chic trousers that when styled so perfectly can blow our minds. My instagram feed is filled with vibrant, colourful trousers that these fashion bloggers are just putting on trend. If you’ve read my previous articles, you will know how much I detest denims – you can read here and hence, I am always finding newer, (maybe stylish ways) to choose something out-of-the-box, comfortable.

I’ve experimented with black formal trousers, palazzo pants (oh-my-favourite), shorts, high-waisted leggings and what not! This post is adding a twist to coloured pants worn by trending fashion bloggers not just in their everyday style, but even to prestigious events like fashion weeks!

A couple of days back, I wore these pink pants that I bought two years from Mango; and yes they were very expensive; but they looked just so pretty and were so comfy that I could not resist and picked them up! It’s also one of my most expensive pair.



But now, I’ll be telling you some of the clothes that you can buy for yourself! Sometimes it’s not about the money, but about experimenting and creating something that suits your personality and style. So go ahead, choose from below! So, are you ready to temporarily set your jeans aside and replace them with a pair of on-trend trousers?

  1. Sailor pants: Pants that are loose from the legs and there are interesting buttons holding them up from the waist
  2. Dhoti pants: Classic and perfect Indian trousers that you can mix-n-match with both a kickass kurti or even an over-sized white shirt
  3. Satin/Velvet trousers: Choose different materials! If you’re travelling to colder places or attending a party – these are perfect; shiny & comfortable
  4. Tie-up trousers: Currently super trendy; with a bow-tie on the waist; available in innumerable colours. I just bought this for myself & its the most awesome thing ever. See them in a post soon!
  5. Culottes: Palazzo pants, but shorter versions – available in prints & solid colours
  6. Printed pants: Super fashionable, but super expensive! Made with refined materials and prints vary from florals to very ethnic designs
  7. Bootcut pants: The perfect 80’s trend that has come back & how! I could live in them. Perks: Makes you look taller & thinner; goes with almost everything!

Which one of these trending coloured pants are your favourite?!

Tell me in your comments below! Until next post ❤



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