Visiting Goa?| A weekend travel guide

Things to do in Goa in 3 days

Goa! I’m not going to lie if I tell you it has always had the top most priority in my mind. The background of this thought is a little funny; the last time I visited Goa it was the year of 2012 ; which was in simple words – disastrous because it was a college trip controlled by professors. Hence this trip was extremely close to my heart as I went & explored it first-hand. So now, as per me; here are the best places to visit in Goa in 3 days! (A short, but memorable weekend getaway!)


So like me, if you have a full-time job; its understandable that managing leaves is hard. So here is what you can do; either do a Friday/Saturday/Sunday or Saturday/Sunday/Monday trip and that way you need to take off only for a day. The most convenient way to travel from Bangalore is via Goa for me is through bus. I personally love the late-night breeze or the serene early morning sunrises. One more reason is, that its extremely pocket-friendly and perfect for a budget Goa trip.


For me having a relaxed place to stay is extremely important and I don’t mind spending on that. If you are looking for hotels in Goa near beaches (like I do!) then don’t look further and choose this cozy, quirky beach resort near Vagator called ‘I Love Bell Bottoms’ which was one honestly a risk that we took. The hotel was discovered on; a website I trust blindly. Coming to how it fared amongst all the beach resorts in Goa?  – Vibrant coloured walls, antique mirrors, a violin shaped pool; the room decor was literally a perfect dream with boho architecture and beach-themed bathroom. Pure love.

Here are some pictures to make you believe that:

beach resort in Goa

Cheap Resorts In Goa

Hotels In Goa Near Beach

Violin Shaped Pool In Goa

Coming to all the places I visited in Goa on a 3-day trip (and wish that I could do more!)

Best Places To Visit in Goa:

  1. Do a relaxed brunch at Thalassa: A restaurant synonymous to Goa itself; a place that everyone recognizes and loves so much. (I could not agree more) Dining on piping hot Greek food while you over-look the pristine waters of the Ozran beach; is perfection. The styling of this restaurant too was equally pretty, adorned with a lot of whites and pastels. The view and the bustling crowd of this place just made my 3 day Goa vacation a little better.
    A view of Thalassa Goa
    the bar
    Greek food at Thalassa Goa
    greek cuisine at thalassa

    Beach resort near Vagator
    view from my table
  2. Vegan Delicacies at Bean Me up Goa: I am vegetarian and I love my dairy products – cheese, milk, eggs; but yes I did decide to go to this vegan restaurant serving a diverse range of Acai bowls, porridge, fruits, smoothies & eggless omlette options (yes they exist infused with tomatoes and spices)

      The ambience of this place is a reminder of an old-school tranquil jungle surrounded   by bright yellow walls. We tried their specialty which was the fruit over-load Acai bowl with berries and watermelon juice. We experimented and also tried the ‘Wild Burrito’ made with a whole-wheat roti, vegetables & eggless mayo. An interesting option if your beginning to discover the city and looking to go to new places in Goa.

Acai Fruit Bowls in Goa
acai bowl – porridge with fruits & berries with oats + yoghurt
Vegan Food in Goa near the beach
the ‘wild burrito’

3. Morjim Beach: My most favourite part of the trip was this white sand beach in Goa. Best time to visit, after 4pm when the sun is a little less scorching, and you can thoroughly enjoy the beauty of the sunset and the water; oh also the authentic shacks serving rustic food!

    Snacking on some spicy chilli  toasts and divine cocktails is how this place is meant to be enjoyed. The crowd was quieter and peaceful, and the water was so much oh-so-much-cleaner compared to the commercial beaches; best beach in Goa (after going to Baga, Anjuna!) Also as per most of the blogs – this beach is one of the most popular Goa sightseeing places as voted by travellers.

White beach in Goa, Morjim
the gorgeous sunset
Sunset at Morjim Beach Goa
morjim beach, goa

4. Guru Bar: Yes, the  name sounds a bit shady; but if I had to define this place, I’d call it homely, unconventional and a music lovers paradise. Welcome yourself to offbeat options of cocktails and finger food at reasonable prices accompanied with a lively crowd, bohemian architecture and interesting live bands playing rock music.

Live Music Bars in Goa
entrance of guru bar
Live Music with drinks in Vagator
the vibrant ambience

Worst Places To Visit in Goa

1. Saturday Night Market: Honestly speaking; this was not a good decision for many reasons. The first thing I think about is the lanes of traffic to reach this touristy spot. On reaching there you can expect a crowded ambience; exorbitant priced products. If you are traveling from India you can skip this, but if you’re coming from abroad you can give it a shot for some authentic handicraft items. The one thing that I loved about this place was a live band playing some really soothing music and generating a lot of attention

2. Agora Fort: I visited this place on my last trip; and unless you are a massive Bollywood fan & want to re-create a Dil Chahta Hai picture with your pals, you can leave this place out! Its always surrounded by tourists clicking pictures and with the tropical Goan weather is not suitable for the weak-hearted.

Future Places to see in Goa

There are so many places that I missed seeing this time due to time constraint. If given a Goa bucket-list of all the places I want to explore the next time I travel there would be: Panaji  – the capital city a bit more which is popular for its shopping & churches. After the wonderful experience of Morjim, I would love to take some time and visit unexplored and white sand beaches like the Marbella with lesser crowds and the water to myself.

Also I’m a huge fan of live music with delicious drinks and would love it if you could suggest some places I can cover on my next trip! 🙂

What are your favourite places to see in Goa? Stay tuned for my next article with all my outfits! 🙂


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  1. 1 You must visit the unending pristine beach of SalsetteMajorda; 1km from Alila Diva. The walk is through private or state owned forest/farms. From here the beach is unending both sides about 3/5km towards BetalBatti southwards & i think Cancun on other side.
    2 The beach attached with GrandHayyat is equally pristine & unending; impressed me as a private beach & ideal to play beach volleyball.
    3 I would love to visit the beach at Vagator as mentioned by you.
    4 Also I will like to read about Margao & south Goa.
    5 & i would also like to know about
    the temple of ShantaDurga & StFrancisZavierChurch.

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