#Summer: 7 Mule Sandals That We Are Crushing Over

Trendy shoes for women this Summer:

It’s time for summer, and even though we adore our white sneakers, it’s time to give them a break! Wearing closed shoes during the summers can get pretty uncomfortable (like really). But wearing your vibrant sandals everywhere is not really a solution right? Yes, it maybe apt for stepping out for a cup of coffee; but what do you do when you are planning a fancy night out? A dinner date or maybe something more formal and important? This #Summer give the (agonising) high-heels and stilettos a break. Why not try something different? Something like, #Mule Sandals!?

So, not many may actually be aware of what they are. So let me help you define it in an uncomplicated manner. These shoes are derived from the French language, simply meaning they are backless and usually open-toed (sometimes closed) giving you the much required breathing space! A lot of summer shoe trends are vying for our attention this season, but these beauties are now widely available in a variety of jazzy, effervescent colours, and in heights you can only imagine; from tiny-block heels, to chunky, sexy high platform wedges these shoes have completely become our summer love!

Here are some exclusive pieces that you can shop at reasonable (or not so reasonable) prices!

  1. Koovs – Bow Detail Mules:

Classic black shoes- every girl owns a pair they can pull off from day-to-night. This is one of the shoes that are simple yet timeless. Style it for a work outfit or even at a get-together. The bow detailing is extremely pretty and charming at the same time.

Buy them here:


2. Zara Block Heel Mules – Red:

Red, a colour that exudes not only style, but also a sensuality, be it in your outfit or even shoe. Delicately designed in velvet, these are block-heeled shoes apt for your Saturday night party. Wear it with your LBD/LWD to create a sharp contrast, but match it with a dramatic red matte lipstick.

Buy them here:


3. The Label Life: Ink Ruffle Mule Sandals:

High appeal combined with comfort and available in an ever favourite colour blue, these sandals are intricately designed to provide your feet the much required ease and relaxation. An oversized white-shirt, frayed denims and these shoes; you’re ready to go!

Buy them here:


     4. next Women Yellow Heels:

Designed with a cushioned footbed, these shoes are a colour that not everybody buys. Let’s change that! Shiny yellow heels with a tiny heel to make you not only taller, but also stand away from the crowd. These shoes are artistic and definitely trendy.

Buy them here:

next-yellow-mule-heels5:  KOOVS Pom Pom Detail Mules:

For the women who gets attracted with a pop of colour in all of her choices, this one’s for you. A bohemian piece, these shoes come with delightful tassels and pom poms which are extremely in trend right now! Also, specially designed with a heel to make you look taller, and alluring.

Buy them here:


6: MANGO – Metallic Mules Golden:

Low maintenance girl? These are made for you. Flat sandals, with a classy metallic finish that provide you with uttermost comfort. Dance your heart out without worrying about sore feet. Pair this with an halter-neck, a leather skirt and a foxy neck-piece and you are ready to have fun!

Buy them here:


 7: ZARA – Knotted Leather Brown Mules:

It’s always good to own shoes in browns and beige  or white as they tend to match with everything. Prefer subtle dressing rather than going OTT? These are for you. Classic knots, brown block heeled shoes that go very well with your black shirt and blue jeans.

Buy them here:


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