Quirky fashion? 10 of the funkiest accessories you need

Jewellery, something that not everyone loves; but the charm it adds to every look and personality is divine. With the new-age fashion evolution I think even accessories need a solid upgrade. Deepika Padukone’s Cannes 2018 outfit is debatable – I loved it; it was quirky, out-there and just stunning. My thought? Fashion boundaries are getting pushed every minute and I am loving it; so why not get a accessory upgrade too? So what are the best funkiest accessories you need?

Here is a list compiling some of the best quirky accessories currently in the market. Go ahead, tell me which one is your favourite!

  1. Are you a book-lover like me and want your fashion choices reflect that? This uber cool book/bag is for you! Channel your Phoebe-ness via this! Buy heredsc_4189_low
  2. This super fun earrings combo by Eristona is too chic to explain! Bright, colourful & happy much? Buy here. eristona-lips-stars-earrings
  3. Bring out the hippie in you! Tassels are so trendy right now and when you pair this colourful beauty with a monochrome outfit, it’s a ten! Buy here.tassel-necklace-koovs.jpg
  4. Dazzled by celebrities wearing these gorgeous ear-cuffs? You can too! Pair it with a vibrant Indian outfit to complete your look. Buy hereear-cuff-gold-amazon
  5. Demure and retro vibes? These shades from Shein are super stylish and will ensure that you are always photo-ready! Buy hereretro-aviators-shein
  6. Attending a fun theme party? How better than to surprise the crowd with a quirky fashion accessory like these headbands? Yes or No? Buy herecat-shaped-hairbands-shein
  7. Are you always the extra AF person in your group? Well, if you are a pearl love, then look nowhere else but at this stunner. Buy here. pearl-dome-ring-style-fiesta
  8. The funkiest bag + belt till date! Would you try to try this funky fashion combo? Buy herebag-and-belt-shein
  9. Classy and sassy style can now actually be envisioned with this breath-taking choker and my most favourite of the group! Buy here. stacked-bracelet-set-stylefiesta
  10. Want to keep it simple and trendy at the same time? Look no more. These stacked bracelets will be the perfect funky fashion accessory for your all-white or black outfit! Buy heremanolo_buckle_choker_stylefiesta

Want more of such articles? Then do comment/share and I would be happy to write them!

Love, M ❤

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