How to Find Your Dream Job (When You Are Clueless)

How to Find Your Dream Job When You Don’t Know What You Want

Do you remember the time you were in high school deciding between colleges and subjects?

Like I think I like this subject but am not sure if I want to work in this field.

Every child at the age of 17-18 goes through a sense of confusion and it’s absolutely okay to feel that. This post will help you find your dream job when you don’t know what you want.

I am very active on LinkedIn, and while I was skimming through articles I saw that a millennial changes their industry every once in 4.4 years. Yes as a generation we cannot stick around in one job for more than a couple of years and are always on the lookout for some fun, excitement & a lot of learning.

So that means you could end up answering the question, “What are you going to do with your life?” more than once.

How I figured out my career-path:

How do you know what you want to is what I would be solving in the next few lines. For example, I enjoy marketing and can do various things around it, like be a writer/journalist or work in social media or even in public relations.

But it took me a while to figure out that what was exactly the thing I enjoyed. I started my career dabbling between journalism & psychology; and took up the latter as I found the field of Clinical & Hospital Psychology very fascinating. I worked with rehab patients, people with personality disorders, children and so many more things! I tried face reading a bit, researched on body language and everything. But you know that internal satisfaction? I never got that. It was getting emotionally exhausting, I wasn’t really making much money and plus had my own fears about a profession like that in India.

It was then that my love for Fashion really came into consideration after seeing and following so many of the bloggers.

It started with me writing my first article about I don’t understand how I people live without dreams to my favourite shoes and other beauty products and fragrances. In a year I was writing down my fashion trends with pictures and researching a lot of about how content marketing is the most important field in today’s world.

Style-Psychic was born after my love for shopping, my hidden talent of penning down words and just dreaming big.

After my expertise of one year I started taking freelance consulting projects in Startups, especially fashion and beauty, helping them carve their niche in social media.From then on there was absolutely no looking back. I became a fashion influencer where I attended prestigious events; and also joined a digital payments app as a full-time Marketing & Communications Executive.Now I work for an agency as a Digital Account Manager. My work involves a lot to do with brand marketing, social media, SEO..everything that I learnt from scratch by myself.

While I somehow stumbled upon a career for myself, I know that doesn’t happen to everybody. So here are a couple of things that you can do to figure out what you want.

1 Don’t stop learning: The most important thing about figuring out life is never stop learning! You may attend a simple pottery class and think that this what you want to do for the rest of your life. This is very common for people who start a fitness class like Yoga or Zumba. Otherwise there are numerous courses on Coursera. You are working in IT,  but love art? Learn something about Art History. If you have a degree in Journalism, give coding a try, something as simple as HTML. Also, spend all your time in sharpening your skills, and it will lead you to your dream job. I attended LCF last year because I wanted to understand Fashion Marketing better. Avoid long term courses as they are very intensive and also costly especially when you are in the figuring out stage. Do short quick courses, learn a new language and you might genuinely find something that interests you.

2 Follow your strengths: There are a lot of individuals who are not sure what they are good at. It could be an artistic skill or maybe even numbers. But there is another group who are completely unaware. For those, you should definitely consult an Assessment specialist. There are a lot of tests that evaluate your skills based on your knowledge and interest. You can try online career quizzes first if you want to get an idea about how it works. Once you know it would be easy picking up your dream job.

3 Converse with people: Talking with people who have been working for many years will give you immense knowledge. This could maybe be at Startup fests or even professional networks like LinkedIn. Read about what they studied and which industry it led them to. This will give you an insight about job descriptions and detailed information about what they do on a daily basis. You can then go back and think if that’s what you want to do yourself.

4 Be Patient: You might be in your early 20’s or late 20’s still figuring out what you want. You might hate your job, sitting in one place, feeling unproductive; but all of this happens for a reason. These are learnings that mould you into a better person. One key still to finding your dream job is being patient. The key is to wait for the gruelling time to pass and hoping it will lead you to some place good.

5 Do what really makes you happy: Parents, friends and a lot of people will tell you many things, give you so many advices. But by the age of 35 you should still be doing something that you love, and that career will be the major factor that keeps you motivated to get up every morning. It could be as trivial as teaching to paint or even discovering new technologies for the world. At the end of the day, every person needs to make a choice for themselves. It is something that they have to live with and accept it, and most importantly LOVE it. Start your own dream, or maybe help someone build theirs.

So now what?

Finding a dream job when you are figuring out life is difficult yes, but the satisfaction is just beyond everything. Don’t forget to take a few breaks in the middle, take some relaxing trips even if it is for 2-3 days or a will refresh your mind and lead you to newer paths.



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