I’m Curvy & I Love Florals!!!

Floral fashion has been inbuilt in me. 2018 was a year of not too much experimentation but sticking to things that I have always loved. Its a feeling like home; you know like instead of experimenting with new food and restaurants, you go to the one closest to your heart? Yes, that’s me right now.

Fashion has always and will always be something that I love cherish; and with adulting 101 my wardrobe has moved to extreme shopping of every week to buying exquisite pieces that have so much repeat value; and honestly? I LOVE THAT. Like styling new clothing in new ways is getting so much more fun for me!

I have had this dress since a year which I purchased before my Toronto vacation. I got it online at a bargain price of INR 600 and its one of the most gorgeous-yet-comfortable outfits in my wardrobe. Night out? Perfect with a red lip colour; brunching with dad? I paired them with sneakers! Doing a shoot highlighting cold shoulder – wearing it with a pencil skirt and kitten heels! 2018, florals are absolutely ruling!

Also since my body structure is curvy (I have broad shoulders and wide hips) this dress suits me perfectly as it covers all the bad and highlights my best! 😀 Cold shoulders are my current favourite style.

In these pictures you will also see how much I have started enjoying using a light blush on my face. Its adds so much sexiness to an outfit is something that I learnt when shooting this around March! I have only one till now which is this – Maybelline Colour Show Blush in Fresh Coral (if you are closer to my skin tone) and I definitely suggest your first product should be this – affordable & classy!

Here are some pictures by sweetest boyfriend took on a bright sunny morning at this stunning cycle-themed cafe! Hope you love them as much as I do ❤

vty 3




mansibhatia 2


How did you like this look?!

Top: Tokyo Talkies Myntra

Skirt: Ardene

Shoes: Catwalk

Love, M ❤

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