Stunning view of Thalassa restaurant, Goa

How to Style Beach Dresses In Goa

Channeling Goa Fashion with Beachwear Dresses

I hope you got a chance to read my last post where I spoke elaborately about my visit to Goa after almost a century of time. The post also depicted the best things to do on a compact 3 day trip. Are you heading for a short weekend getaway? Then look no more; go ahead and read about places to visit in Goa in 3 days.

Compared to my last post, this article is slightly a bit more personal. My style is extremely eccentric, but I also like to be comfortable. You may see me in laid-back denim shorts which I may pair with large hoop earrings or a chunky necklace. All the outfits I wore in Goa had a similar theme! Since our Goa itinerary was mostly spontaneous and unplanned I dressed as per my mood and of course my makeup reflected the summery, tropical weather.


This picture speaks volumes about traveling over-night in a bus! Cotton pants with an over-sized t-shirt and a scarf is how I ideally look everyday. Also isn’t it kind of perfect? You sleep comfortably and wakeup without any rashes on your body; plus your style game is strong! Its a win-win situation. These pants are from H&M which I picked up on sale and the top wear is from Zara India’s Men’s section. (So perfect!)

Day 1:

Compared to my teen years, my style has evolved and I appreciate quality clothing. Due to this change I prefer repeating and re-styling my clothes instead of spending money and coming home to an over-flowing wardrobe of apparel. This is a mini dress with stylish (and in-trend) cold shoulder sleeves. Since there was a lot of activity and scooter riding required on this day, I chose to wear this summer beach dress with fringed denim shorts and a uncomplicated black choker.



IMG_1306_polarr 2

Day 2:

Since my hotel in Goa was near the beach, I was surrounded by the best eateries and tourist spots! If you have diet restrictions and are vegetarian like me and unfortunately have to miss the delicious Goan fish curry, then worry not; there is a classic Vegan restaurant right around the corner. I visited this place for a leisure break-fast and the boho theme inspired me to dress in a similar fashion! A classic white top with a printed skirt. My idea was to infuse a print-on-print look and this shrug from a small market in Jakarta helped. Of course, can you miss these vibrant long earrings?

PS: All of it is classic street shopping.


IMG_1439_polarr 2

IMG_1377_polarr 2

IMG_1354_polarr 2

Day 3:

The weather almost got to me towards the third day and I just wanted to dress down and relax before I headed back to the hustling city of Bangalore and of-course work. Due to a bit of a social media detox there is a lack of pictures. So here are the not-so-good-pictures of the trip; a vintage pineapple dress in the colour pink  (quintessential Goa dress?) with the prettiest sunglasses ever. Oh; and also don’t miss my outfit to Morjim beach!

51432fd8-ba75-4c88-a775-00554aad0727 2


Hope I was able to help you with how to dress in Goa and also give you a break-down of implementing your own style when planning your summer beach outfits!

Hope you liked all these pictures as much as I loved clicking them; do leave comments on your favourite outfit.


  1. Was my response to Goa trip received.
    I would like to know the effectivity and impact of the same.


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