10 types of heels you must know about

Sensational Fashion Shoes!


As per reports, an average woman spends about 40% of her salary on shopping for a variety of things, like clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, etc etc. It is an extremely interesting survey and opens our eyes in terms of where does our money actually go?

Yes; we all have different personalities but we bond for our love of footwear. Can we ever have enough of them in our wardrobe? NO! Especially heeled women’s shoes – they are the perfect choice for every occasion. A movie date and lunch? Or a party in Goa? They can be fit anywhere. But wait? Can we even differentiate between the different types of heels? If you are a fashion connoisseur or a someone who’s beginning to learn style this article is for you. The perfect knowledge & guide-book to differentiate between types of heels.

Lets go then!

Kitten Heels

Leopard printed kitten heels

This heel is a typical stiletto, but the size of the heel varies from about 1.5-2 inches. For those who aren’t fans of a sky-high design, kitten heels provide just the perfect addition to your height.

Wedge Heels

Golden wedge heels

Wedges can be either in the form of sandals, or heels. You can differentiate them from other shoes as they have no separation from the heel to the sole. Numerous women prefer these as they provide uttermost comfort.


Black strappy pump heeled shoes

A stunning pair of pumps are two-three inches long with a low cut and are closed around the front. Many women find a little discomfort wearing them, but they look stunning over a party outfit or an A-line pencil skirt. Pumps heels are my current favourite heeled shoes.


Black & Golden Stilleto

 The most beautiful, and crazy type of heels and can go up to almost eight inches! Wearing stilettos requires practice and stability. Wear them on exquisite designer outfits and stand tall!

Peep toes

Silver Peep Toe Heels on Pinterest

 Peep toes are extremely snazzy and one of the most popular type of heeled shoe. They come in an array of size and colours, with either long or short heels, bows or flowers; the only difference is, that there is space, where your toe finger nail is seen! So be sure to have a perfectly immaculate pedicure to go with it.

High-heeled Boots

Heeled Black Boots on Pinterest

We all love these kinds. They look fabulous, adding a touch of class and sophistication to our feet. And re-calling FRIENDS, how can we forget that awesome episode, “The One with Monica’s Boots” ?

Platform heels

Platform Heels on thelabellife.com

Trying heels for the first time? Try with this! Excellent for beginners, they have a thicker sole that plays a crucial role in maintaining balance. Also, be spoilt for choice with the varieties of colours and patterns available with these shoes online.


Pink strappy mule block heels on Pinterest

Differentiating mules are so easy! These type of shoes usually cover most of the foot and come with either a block or platform heel. You can dress down for a lunch or go OTT with a shimmery number for a party. They are extremely classy and add a touch of sophistication to your outfit. Perfect mules? Pristine white heeled shoes often seen on the newly-turned Royal Meghan Markle.

Sling backs

White heels for women

Sling-back explained is a type of heel that has a strap on around the ankle to hold the shoe together. They can also be either open toe or peep toe. Zara India has some of the most fancy types of sling-back heeled shoes for women. How quirky and awesome are these shoes though?

Block heels

Purple Block heels on Pinterest

Block heels are the style of the 70’s and is the complete opposite of stilettos! They are rather chunky and is far more comfortable. Usually looks best in monochrome with a stylish leather jacket and denims to go with it.

What are your favourite amongst these? Also, how many of these have you tried? Look no more, as most of these shoes are available online only an array of shopping websites!

Cover image credit: http://www.unsplash.com

Other picture credit: http://www.pinterest.com

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