Weekend Travel: Getaway to Pondicherry

Weekend Getaway to Puducherry:

Pondicherry or Puducherry is one of the most beautiful little towns in South India; about 2 hours from Chennai. It has a lot of influence of the French – from their colorful buildings to the roads and to the food. Be prepared to bask in the sunny Pondicherry devouring sweet and savory crepes, seeing stunning white buildings and just relaxing by the ocean.

Pondicherry is about a 7-8 hour drive from Bangalore and we planned this trip about 2 weeks in advance to get the best of the rooms and travels for cheaper pricing. I’m a planner and believe in having a budget for my vacations. Even though I’ve been to Pondy before, this trip was much more fun and relaxing – a perfect weekend getaway from Bangalore, a crowded city to a soothing French Rivera.

Where I stayed?

The Promenade – doesn’t this classic hotel define Pondicherry or the tranquil White Town? Ever since I went to Pondicherry for the first time, I’ve been dreaming of this hotel to stay at. This time, my dream came true! Accommodation at the Promenade was blissful – the hospitality of the staff, vintage rooms and over-looking the splendid blue waters was a treat to the eyes. As many know, staying here doesn’t always fall in the hands of budget travellers – but thanks to an amazing travel sale at Yatra I got the stay at about INR 11,500 for 2 nights and 3 days.

Our room had gorgeous, large wooden French windows that was over-looking the garden of the hotel. The bed had vibrant coloured decor above it and a mirror opposite with intricate designs to compliment the room. The WiFi service was super fast and the Balinese pool made me literally go weak in the knees.

The hotel welcomed us with freshly brewed coffees and scrumptious buffet breakfast till our room got ready. The specials included Croissant, muffins, fruits, live counters (for omelettes & dosa’s) and both south & north Indian food! If you are ever travelling to Puducherry, ensure you book a room at the Promenade.

What we saw?

Rock Beach and the Gandhi Statue:

My trip to Pondicherry began with taking a stroll around the Rock Beach. Beware, it can be a bit too sunny around mornings and humid in the evenings. Also, the area is extremely crowded. But, my favourite part about this stroll was the rocks around that made the beach look a little more lovely. Sadly, I cannot say that it’s the most cleanest area of Pondicherry but if you’re sitting, listening to the sounds of water you may forget all your worries.

Walked through French Quarters:

One bright Saturday morning I went off for a walk on my own without any agenda. I just wanted to explore this little town of Puducherry and do some photography. I walked almost for about 3 kilometers and saw some absolutely lovely buildings, boutiques, cafes. The most amazing things about these places were, that they had some of the best designed name-plates ever. I also did make a small pit-stop at the ‘Cluny Embroidery Center‘ – a place where you can pick up some extremely pretty apparels and home decor designed and stitched by privileged women.

Serenity Beach:

Pondicherry is known for being one of the most popular weekend getaway destinations for travelers because of its resplendent beach life. The Serenity Beach was about 6 kilometers from my hotel in White Town and we had rickshaw drive us there. Thankfully the beach is not very crowded as beaches in Goa and you can genuinely dip your feet in water and take some fun pictures without any trouble. But also, there are absolutely zero options for any snacks or drinks. You can spend about 30-45 minutes here and enjoy with your friends.

Picture taken at Serenity Beach, Puducherry

What we ate?

A Pink Brunch at ‘Coromandel Cafe’:

Literally the PERFECT Instagram cafe ever! This restaurant had decor which was beyond gorgeous. I entered, and the pristine white walls left me in awe. But when the food came, I literally went into food happiness. We started with the ‘Pink Hummus & Pita’ and a ‘Mango Cocktail’ infused with vodka. For the main course we had the ‘Hot Pink Eggs Benedict’ and ‘Pink Pasta’. If you love experimenting with different types of foods and cuisines, this is the place I would recommend.

Pan-Asian Cuisine with Wine at ‘Bay of Buddha’:

Since we were staying at The Promenade, Pondicherry we had a lot of options in terms of restaurant as the hotel has myriad food options. I personally love Pan-Asian cuisine; its definitely my favorite and visiting this particular hotel was a must. We started with their 4-course menu that comprised of a ‘Lemongrass soup’ followed by ‘Vegetarian Sushi’. For main course I had ‘Stir-fried Mushrooms with Jasmine rice’ and dessert was Cheesecake. While this place gets full points for the sea-view, their food was average but has a lot of scope for improvement. But in the entire town of Pondicherry, since this is the only hotel with this cuisine, its quite popular among fellow travelers.

French Savory Crepes at ‘Cafe Des Arts’: 

Prettiness and diversity in every corner is how I would define the place. Cafe Des Arts is literally the oldest cafe and is often crowded with travelers from all over the world. They provide WiFi and have a fantastic library of books ranging from comics, to history to autobiographies to even design. We tried their ‘Savory Crepes’ and ‘Baguettes’ and sadly was not very impressed with the food. But you can visit this place to get the feel of the town and also take the classic picture at their yellow wall.

Classic yellow wall at Cafe Des Arts Pondicherry

Breakfast at ‘Eat my Cake’: The last day we were heading back home in the afternoon and hence decided to end the trip with some delectable English breakfast. We ordered some pancakes and waffles with unlimited fruits and juices. I must say; starting from the diverse menu, to the presentation, everything was done beautifully. You must know, that this is an All-Women’s cafe – its run entirely by women and all the profits are given to the underprivileged.

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Bangalore is generally the hub of amazing continental breakfasts; but Pondicherry is no way behind here!

Have you visited this place? If yes, what are some of the places/things that you would recommend? Let me know in your comments below! ❤

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