About Me.


mansi-bhatia-stylepsychicFirstly, thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Mansi Bhatia and I am based in India. I started blogging on StylePsychic back in 2014 during my Masters purely out of love for fashion, styling & shopping.

My life has been quite exciting! I majored in Journalism & Psychology..went on to do my Masters in Psychology too. I worked as a Clinical Psychologist for a couple of months but realized that’s not my passion. I switched fields and started my career with a beauty startup in Marketing. After a year I went to study at London College of Fashion for summer school (read here & here about my trip) and cut to 3 years later, I work with LinkedIn full-time. Visit my profile here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mansibhatia25/

Over these years I have enjoyed travelling more than anything. Its become like an addiction and save every penny to travel! 2 countries and counting 🙂 This blog has become my diary to pen down my stories, my stay and my love for exploring the world. My bucket list for the next 3 years include: Singapore, Jakarta, Bali, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague & Budapest. Wish me luck! 😀

If you want to discuss anything /work with me/ collaborate you can mail me – thestylepsychic@gmail.com

I never miss any mails & would definitely reply back if you catch my interest.

Otherwise do follow me on:





Mansi ❤

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